3D sound
perfectly staged

The ACTIVE speaker line from Ascendo Immersive Audio convinces with ultimate performance and unique innovations.


In short: All important speaker components united in a compact speaker enclosure. Professional audio custom-built drivers masterfully paired with high performance audiophile amplifier with an output power of 650 watts up to impressive 6000 watts, fully equipped with top-class high-end digital converters, innovative DSP controllers and other first-class components. Most of the powered speakers can be conveniently controlled via the proprietary AIA Software or limited web UI. Upon request all active speakers are also available with an external DSP amplifier unit and proprietary Dante protovol.

This AIA product line represents best German manufacturing tradition at the highest level of German craftsmanship. A guarantee for long-lasting, powerful and sonically outstanding cinema systems. AIA, the leader in the world of home entertainment.

The sophisticated DSP based AIA Speaker Management technology empowers the class leading transient response of the custom build AIA high-performance drivers. The extremely precise impulse response of the Coaxial and SUB drivers enables immediate and exact conversion of electrical signals into sound. The result of this combined technology is:  The acoustic experience becomes real and emotionally evolving.

The performance features

  • absolute signal fidelity and breathtaking realistic cinematic experiences through the AIA Speaker Management technology
  • custom-built high-performance high-tech woofers for extremely fast, controlled and abyssal bass response
  • time-coherent coaxial drivers for high neutrality, true-to-detail precision and limitless dynamics
  • clear and articulated speech intelligibility with any program material
  • state-of-the-art digital amplifier electronics with up to 6000 watts of stable power output and very low power consumption
  • extreme dynamic range and extremely high maximum volume level (Reference Level)
  • shallow design for flexible user-friendly inwall or onwall mounting
  • centralized networked real-time control of all system parameters using the advanced AVB/Ethernet standard
  • individual room correction of each speaker unit