Active high-end
Immersive Audio monitor





State-of-the-art cinema monitor –
the active reference

The CCRM12 marks the absolute spearhead in the field of cinema monitors.

The AIA Speaker Management technology enables its ultra-precise and incredibly fast signal-to-tone conversion. The speed and accuracy with which the CCRM12 lets volume levels increase or decrease, is really unique. Even the most complex film passages with extreme dynamic requirements, and enormous as well as extremely low volume levels are transmitted into the home cinema completely differentiated and at high-resolution. Drum solo: Live-like and exactly to the point you hear the tremendous dynamic leaps of bass drum and snare, while at the same time the long humming of the cymbals fade away airily into the room as well as the rising pulse of the drummer at faster passages.

Absolutely breathtaking how fast the cinema space returns to tranquility after such enormous volume levels.

This very precision lets the listener immerge even more direct and intense into the visual action. Whether film or music – this sonic experience is not distinguishable from reality anymore.

The exclusive compression tweeter, centrically arranged in the 12-inch mid-woofer unit and driven by a DSP controlled digital 1000 W amplifier, allows for a time-coherent and lifelike reproduction of all acoustic events on a reference level. Most advanced AVB technology and well-developed smartphone control provide an unprecedented level of flexibility and integration.

Combined with our Reference subwoofers you will experience unimaginable spheres of sound.

CCRM12 – The world of realistic cinema experience

Specifications (selection)

Speaker type

Time-coherent 12“ Coax One-Point-Source with AIA Speaker Management technology




125dB Cont. / 130dB Peak

Frequency range

60Hz to 20kHz


500W + 500W (1000W)

Width x Height x Depth

410 x 700 x 240mm



All speakers are supplied with a front grille as standard