Stand-alone power amplifier
for top-grade high-end systems

D.N.A.1000.2 HE



D.N.A.1000.2 HE –
the world’s most advanced
high-end amplifier

The top-grade technology of the D.N.A.1000.2 HE sets its marks with an authentic spatial image, highest musicality and enormous dynamics, paired with finest detail and impressive sovereignty.

Its cutting-edge DSP technology allows for a highly efficient optimization of the room acoustics of the connected loudspeakers.

The ingenious room adaptation of the DNA1000.2 HE allows for an installation of all loudspeakers very close to the wall (right into the corners). Disturbing sound overlays are therefore eliminated. The sonic image becomes instantly clearer and more structured. The speech intelligibility increases significantly. The spatial image is clearly better, the system plays more to the point.

In bi-amping mode the time response of loudspeakers capable of bi-wiring dramatically gets improved.

The adaptation to different music genres removes boundaries. Enjoy highest sound quality in Rock, Jazz, Pop, Classical, Electro, etc.

Even different listening scenarios such as "less bass at night time" or "quiet listening" up to different listening positions are easily configurable.

D.N.A.1000.2 HE – More flexibility at the highest musicality.

Specifications (selection)

Output power (230V)

2 x 500W (4Ω), 2 x 250W (8Ω),
1 x 1050W (4Ω), 1 x 900W (8Ω)

Dynamic range

120 dB

Switchable operation modes

Stereo 2 x 500W (4Ω), BiAmping 500W + 500W (4Ω)

Mono 1000W (4Ω)

Dimensions (W/H/D)

Detachable magnetic component feet for horizontal and vertical positioning, plus 15mm each for component feet (horiz. 25,5/15,5/36cm or 15,5/25,5/36cm)