Integrable power amplifier
for professional cinemasystems




D.N.A.1000.2 – the world’s most advanced
professional amplifier

The D.N.A.1000.2 sets its marks as centerpiece in every passive cinema setup. It impresses with its extensive flexibility as power amp in stereo, dual-mono/bi-amping and single-mono mode – with an authentic spatial image, highest musicality, enormous dynamics and extremely efficient performance.

Its cutting-edge DSP architecture of the newest generation allows for a highly efficient optimization of the room acoustics for all connected loudspeakers and their perfect adaptation to subwoofers using the intelligent proprietary web interface.

D.N.A.1000.2 - progress through technology.

Specifications (selection)

Output power (230V)

2 x 500W (4Ω), 2 x 250W (8Ω),
1 x 1050W (4Ω), 1 x 900W (8Ω)

Dynamic range

120 dB

Switchable operation modes

Stereo 2 x 500W (4Ω), BiAmping 500W + 500W (4Ω)

Mono 1000W (4Ω)

Dimensions (W/H/D)

Half 19“ rack module 3 HE design (22,4/10/33 cm)