the future of home theater


Founded in 1999 by the three music enthusiasts Norbert Heinz, Stefan Köpf and Jürgen Scheuring in the South German city of Stuttgart, the ASCENDO GmbH has matured into a technology company, which apart from development, production and distribution of extremely advanced and above all very musical and authentic sounding speakers, sets its further focus in the areas of DSP and network technology and measurement systems. And it’s precisely this unique combination that led to the founding of ASCENDO IMMERSIVE AUDIO GmbH (AIA), which is dedicated to the development, design and production of state-of-the-art theater systems.

Decades of intensive research in the areas of sound generation, sound propagation and sound perception form the basis for the revolutionary technologies that drive cinema loudspeakers from AIA to peak performance close to the ideal loudspeaker. The nature of human hearing to accurately analyze the timing of sound signals makes it difficult for any developer to perfect his loudspeaker concepts. And this is precisely where the AIA utilizes its unrestricted competence: High-performance point-source drive units from the professional audio sector, the absolute prerequisite for the time-coherent reproduction of audio signals, combined with the most advanced digital electronics, create a special kind of cinematic experience - regardless of the limitations of conventional systems, be it the request for the most precise speech intelligibility or the desire for unrestrained dynamics.

Today the ASCENDO IMMERSIVE AUDIO GmbH is headed by graduate economist Stefan Köpf (Managing Director) and Geoffrey Heinzel. With its own development and production team, the company is excellently equipped for the future. The AIA GmbH is based in Ansbach in the South German region of Franconia, which is especially famous for its residential palace; it gives the town a beautiful, baroque dignity. The little residence took over 350 years to be built and stands for applied culture in a constant process of change and maintenance – sustainable, but never backward or inward, yet always open.

The manufacturing facilities of the ASCENDO and AIA products are located in the immediate vicinity of the residential palace. You can feel its closeness; time and again it demands to create products with as much love and as sustainable as the old masters did way back in the residence.


For over 20 years, ASCENDO has been producing high-end loudspeakers that are among the best in the world of audiophile music reproduction. ASCENDO high-end loudspeakers symbolize the state of the art, they are optimized to the smallest detail and are handcrafted using the best components and materials with the utmost precision by optimally trained specialists in Germany. Music connoisseurs all over the world love the perfection of ASCENDO´s loudspeaker masterpieces. With just the same meticulousness and uncompromising commitment to the very best, ASCENDO IMMERSIVE AUDIO also produces their home theater speakers.

The unique combination of the best ingredients from the high-end area and cinema-optimized high-performance components from the professional audio sector, paired to most advanced technologies, meticulous assembly processes executed by highly qualified employees as well as the highest perfection on all levels characterize the ASCENDO IMMERSIVE AUDIO home cinema monitors and subwoofers.



As a German company living up to high sonic and quality standards, the AIA is an avowed advocate of the sustainable principle of "Made in Germany". That’s why all loudspeakers coming from the Franconian city of Ansbach are painstakingly handcrafted and produced in small batches. Special requests in terms of size, shape and colour are therefore possible at any time and are gladly implemented. The lacquer finish of the enclosures is carried out according to the strictest environmental regulations with paints characterized by a high environmental impact.

Out of conviction, all components used in the AIA are sourced from Europe or Germany - at the best from the neighbourhood. As always, it’s the short ways that ensure the best quality. But as just as obligatory and important is a long product life cycle and the associated serviceability even after many years.

Since home theater systems often generate extremely high volume levels, and therefore the drive units as well as the amplifier electronics must meet extreme requirements, all assemblies of a speaker are tested before installation and tested once again in a low tolerance test system after assembly. This process is time-consuming and cumbersome, but it is the indispensable basis for quality and durability - and above all, it conveys the certainty and the good feeling of delivering a perfect product to the customer.