Beyond excellence - ASCENDO M plus SMSG24

Even these fantastic and in the bass innately already powerful dream systems, while representing the best available in the high end sector, still take significant benefit from the super-subwoofer SMSG24.


Setup 1: System M5S SE Active + TOS SE + SMSG24


Setup 2: System M5 SE EW + SUB1 SE + TOS SE + SMSG24. All four of the System M5 SE woofers are operated in active mode.

With its impressive 6,000 watts, the closed subwoofer SMSG24 is by far the fastest and most powerful subwoofer in the entire high-end segment. It instantly improves the overall sound spectrum of all involved speakers, starting from resolution and dynamics up to the rendering of voices and spatial imaging. This astonishing enhancement in sound already starts at very low levels. It goes without saying that this quality of low-frequency performance is unrivalled and is set to push boundaries.

But the most important thing is: The acoustic performance becomes not only more emotional, but offers just a lot more fun to listen to music with the SMSG24 in play.