German HIFI DAYS 2018

For the first time, ASCENDO / AIA presented their new, eagerly awaited and finally soon available D6 Active combined to their super-fast closed subwoofer SMSG15.

SMSG15 piano high gloss finish
Ascendo DS German HiFi days

Due to the many hard reflection surfaces (windows) and the asymmetrical layout of the 80 sqm listening room, the room acoustics parameters were poor. The left and right room answers differed significantly.

Again, the powerful AIA / ASCENDO Speaker Management technology came to deliver a stellar perfomance. Measured in the room, the D6 and SMSG15 were able to thrill the numerous visitors with a holographic image, fantastic voice reproduction and an emotionally powerful sound. The ultra-deep, highly structured and enormously dynamic bass impressed the listeners as well as the frequently repeated demonstration of high sound quality at extremely low volumes. Also the rare combination of natural sound and highly accurate resolution caused astonishment among the visitors.