ASCENDO 5.2 Home Theater System

AV Conclusion

High-quality driver technology combined with a home theater-optimized housing result in the CCM-10-P set from Ascendo an outstanding sound quality.

Thanks to wall mounting, the ensemble also appears extremely inconspicuous, which further increases the fascination aspect



Surround sound quality

As always, the testers were particularly curious about the listening experience offered by the Ascendos. And once again, it's quite something: As good as the smaller passive set of CCM5-P and CCM6-P was, the new 10s don't give them the slightest chance.

The set plays unbelievably natural, relaxed and dynamic and really goes along with every playback level.

The listener's ears are more likely to protest in the form of discomfort than any sign of distortion clouding the sound. In "Terminator - The Redemption", it plays incredibly naturally and shakes even the hardest impulses casually out of its sleeve