ASCENDO 5.2 home theater system

AV Conclusion

With the new CCM series, ASCENDO for the first time offers upper class sound at a middle class price.

In addition to the excellent sound, it should also find many friends due to its unusual design.


Surround sound quality

...not seldom comparatively boring. This can't be said of the Toto concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1991 when played back on the Ascendos: Rich bass, excellent dynamics and real life atmosphere immediately captivate the listener.

Sound quality stereo

The two subwoofers integrate themselves seamlessly into the sound picture and were never locatable during our test setup. The dynamics and naturalness that the Ascendo set displays, for example during the classic "Jazz At The Pawnshop", is always fascinating. You really feel drawn into the concert and experience it up close.