Audiovision 08/17

A thunder storm in the truest sense of the word.

It's no coincidence that the SMSG 15 reaches a maximum sound pressure level of 112 decibels at a lowpass crossover frequency of 200 hertz, and still can reach 108 decibels at 40 hertz: a thunder storm in the truest sense of the word. The frequency response is very linear up to 20 hertz. This is of course impressive looking at it on paper, but says not that much about the progress of the diagram after having the subwoofer undergone a room acoustical calibration, for which the sub offers extensive tools. However, the lowest frequencies around 20 hertz obviously do not cause him any problems.

This it proves with devotion even in use, for example in "Terminator Salvation": The shotgun in the tow truck scene slams vigorously, the motorcycle robots thunderously rumbling into the car wrecks on the roadside and the flying robot under the bridge lets your sofa and trouser legs relishly judder. Even the most die-hard home cinema freak will no longer have any questions about the sense or nonsense of the elaborate digital electronics. The unique result is what impresses the most.

This all is more than true, for example, when it comes to live recordings, whether and how the subwoofer integrates into the overall sonic image, or not. Thanks to its precise calibration options, the SMSG 15 manages this procedure without any problem and complements the satellite speakers with an assertive, immensely clean bass, as if everything was made from one piece. And, it does not matter which style of music is playing: "Away From The Sun" by 3 Doors Down rendered just as convincing and crisp as the jazz classic "They Can't Take That Away from Me" sung by Jane Monheit. At the end, there was nothing left to be desired for the testing crew, with the exception of one thing: If an SMSG 15 already plays like that, then what about two of them doing the job?. Luckily the AVB technology makes its integration particularly easy. Mino

AV Conclusion
96 points and therefore reference status at audiovision - the absolutely authoritative sound performance of the AIA SMSG 15 is a real highlight.