Fully active ASCENDO 7.1 home theater system

You are looking out for the ultimate cinema experience? Don't look any further ... the ASCENDO 7.1 cinema system is the way to go. Period!

Same experience ...
But let’s go back to experience. The undertaking we made with the AIA demo cinema in Germany was tremendously overwhelming. Perhaps now a 7.1 system ought to be less staggering than the 18 channel AIA Dolby Atmos cinema equipped with 25 speakers. But don’t let yourself be fooled. This experience still is extremely impressive.

It's noticeable that the CCRM12’s qualities in vocal playback are remarkable. Voices sound very real and completely open. The four CCRM surround speakers fill the room entirely and the SMS21 subwoofer concludes the depiction of the cinema action with an extremely powerful, tight and ultra-deep bass. As a result, we are directly drawn into the movie. We just can't stop ... we have to keep looking. And so the author and his colleagues spend a whole afternoon on a journey through the worlds of Netflix, Blu-ray and streaming.

Music, too!
We have seen many movies and series. Alone, with our families, friends or colleagues. We have rarely heard a demoset as often as this ASCENDO cinema. It is also striking how much fun it is to watch concerts with the ASCENDO 7.1 cinema system. Steven Wilson at the Royal Albert Hall, Kraftwerk, everything sounds great. Depending on the quality of the recording, this 7.1 setup provides the perfect atmosphere and acoustics for the concert. You are a part of the event. And we haven't experienced that very often. We have come across many a surround systems that work well with movies, but not with music. No ... that often sounds rough and hard. But not with this German excellence. It just plays music. In short: This is the "real deal". This is next level home theater!