Fully active ASCENDO 2.1 System

2 x CCRM12 MKII, 1 x SMS 21


„Without a doubt, these are the finest sounding speakers I’ve had my home, and I’m not even able to come close to maxing them out.“
Mark Henninger on April 27, 2020

Fully active ASCENDO 2.1 System

Ultimately, this is a system where “you have to hear it to appreciate it” because one thing is for sure, the speaker CCRM12-MKII speaker, whether the grill is on or off, in an all-business top-performance speaker that, due to its ultra subdued design (all black with no shiny surfaces, ideal for home theater) offer no hint of the precision and delicacy it can achieve, even at live concert and movie reference levels.


With its impressive offering, I’m giving a Top Choice award to the Ascendo Immersive Audio CCRM12-MKII speakers as well as the SMS21 subwoofer. Together they delivered superior sound matched by few other 2.0 or 2.1 systems that I’ve heard, and furthermore played a starring role in a 4.1.4 Atmos system that gave a hint of the performance that a full-on Ascendo-equipped home theater can deliver.

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