HIFI-STARS Edition 31

Review: ASCENDO Loudspeaker System Live 15

Finally – there were voices! It did not take us very long to agree that Sara Bareilles‘ „Brave Enough“ while listening to at almost live-like levels, delivered exactly the envisaged mood and intensity. My fellow men kept wondering again and again „Are you dumb now, buddy...?!“ (which is in Bavarian German „Bist Du deppert…?!“ – editors note: emphasis must be on the first word ...). This exclamation of delight was the common sense on what we had experienced.

Getting to the heart of it
Ascendo’s approach in transferring a subwoofer driver from their existing home theatre range into a full range HiFi speaker by adding a matching coaxial driver works perfectly. Blending these two units into one “box” results in a highly addictive stereophonic sound. Is this somewhat a threat or a promise? Well, listen and decide by yourself … !