High End Munich 2017

AIA Demo Cinema System


Already in Dolby 5.1 surround format, the enormously authentic, powerful and spatial sonic performance of this dream cinema system excites numerous visitors.

The perfect timing is immediately noticeable, especially when playing music content. And it is precisely this perfection, that makes the big difference between "sounds almost like live” and “sounds like live”. Even more realistic is the auditory impression of immersiveness with Dolby Atmos content. The authenticity, with which the 15 fully networked active speakers reproduce immersive audio movie formats is terrific.

Fidelity / Ingo Schulz
Ascendo was one of the exhibits that wowed a lasting impression on us. And that not only because of the incredible 50-inch subwoofer, which certainly ranked among the most photographed objects of the show.

Ascendo presented a multi-channel system, and while clearly pointing out the boundaries of twochannel stereo, it overcame them with an ease and opened up a completely new and more complex universe of sound. The inconceivable directness with which you immediately get transferred into an acoustic scenario, instantly belonging to it from one moment to the next, is almost frightening.