Lowbeats - AIA Demokino

The set plays as a successful synthesis of concert-PA and high-end speakers. Here everything is rendered insanely direct and really plastically tangible by the discrete space imaging of surround sound reproduction, felt with the whole body – and that has little to do with the volume alone.

Lowbeats AIA Demokino

Luckily I had the foresight to bring along some live music discs which was a good thing. Whether the gigantic stadium concert of Mylène Farmer, an intimate club concert of B.B. King or the surround mix of Pink Floyd in High-Res on the Blu-rays of various box sets, they all played as realistic as you could dream of. The spread of coarse and fine dynamics and the directness without aggressiveness provided by the AIA-speakers are really on a different level and way above the capabilities of the classic hi-fi system.

Finally Geoffrey Heinzel surpassed all in the Auro-3D field with a stunning recording of fireworks displaying in coarse dynamics. Everyone knows the squibs that shoot the rockets skyward. Well they sounded so terrifyingly realistic. Dry as a bone, and bone shattering. I never imagined this quality of reproduction possible. The firework display that AIA set off here is really terrific!

Ascendo’s AIA system is very close to perfection.