Lowbeats/Fidelity - Westdeutsche Hifitage

Live 15


There is no trade show retrospective without wanting to name the "Best Sound Of The Show." It has in fact sounded good in many rooms - this is the clear advantage of hotel fairs with real rooms and (almost) stable walls. If Ascendo is attending a trade show, then they always impress with their Live 15’s effortlessness and sheer dynamics, This speaker has already made an outstanding impression on LowBeats. If you have not heard of it yet, you might get your appetite by reading our review. Ascendo's Live 15 already performed in the LowBeats listening room phenomenally with their nolimits dynamics, and here we present the same model in its home theater version. (Photo: R. Vogt)

Fidelity / Fancy Factor 100
Good atmosphere at the High End Masterclass and Ascendo demo room. What else to expect as AcousticPlan provided the front end, which contributed together with Chord’s DAC to the "Fancy Factor 100" which means “pure fun factor” (quote of a trade fair visitor). This speaker with its high efficiency is in fact a technically very complex design.