My Sound Starnberg AIA Reference Home Theatre

The room shakes. Not boomy, but dry and with a punch  the author of these lines has never heard before. 

There is music everywhere. One is literally pressed into the noble seat and hardly understands what is happening here. Time stands still, the mouth wide open with amazement. The notes are dancing. The endorphins too. 

Now Brian May's electric guitar kicks in and cuts like a knife - ultra-precise, almost with surgical precision. I can hardly keep seated in the expensive leather armchair. I want to rush forward, that is how it feels to be in the front row of the concert hall. In the Games of Thrones opening scene, my lips no longer move - my mouth opens in astonishment.

This is what the perfect reality escape looks like.
- No matter whether one prefers life sports, series, music film, live concert, drama or box office motion picture -


Photos: My Sound / Starnberg – Reference Hometheatre