Test Subwoofer SMSG15

Heimkino 5/6 and Hifi Vision.The first Blu-ray in DTS:X mode is inserted into the player and Guillermo del Torro is pulling out all the stops as director to make your neck hairs stand up on end.

The constant, ominous, low-frequency rumble of the basses creates an uncanny atmosphere. The deep waves of bass flood the room, going right through you. Our settings let the subwoofer dip down to the lowest octaves. Thanks to its closed cabinet concept and its abundance of power, its performance remains controlled and clean at all times. The AIA subwoofer especially impresses during quiet passages, since the large membrane effortlessly reflects even the smallest changes in signal level. When intense levels are called for, the woofer doesn't waver for long; instead, it boldly puts on the gas. The SMS G15 seems to know no limits when it comes to dynamics, mercilessly inundating your space with waves of bass – we really savored this feature during several scenes in “Mad Max: Fury Road,” “Tron Legacy,” and “Edge of Tomorrow.” To finish up, just a few bars of music with high-res audio files from the server. Here, as well, the AIA SMSG15 proved to be a highly superior subwoofer that projects the deepest lows of a church organ or double bass cleanly into your space.

The SMSG15 shines with enormous depth, and can be perfectly adapted to your listening needs using its 10-band equalizer and a variety of filters.

The SMSG15 from AIA is a professional subwoofer through and through. It is enormously powerful, accurately follows every bass signal, and is capable of the highest volume levels without batting an eyelash.

Sure, the SMSG15 isn't a bargain product – but used correctly it is the ultimate active subwoofer, and will make the dreams of any home theater enthusiast come true.