Active ultra-performance
infrasonic subwoofer





Pioneering infra subwoofer technology
in best German manu-facturing quality

The SMSG32 infrasub shifts the benchmarks.

Key figures: 82 cm / 32" custom-built super-woofer, 90 mm of linear travel – the world record for home theater or even commercial cinema subwoofers. 6000 watts RMS of sustainable power, Sealed braced cabinet design paired with AIA DSP Speaker Management technology. The SMSG32 plays in its own league. Authority and impact, speed, dynamics and differentiation, all these attributes the SMSG32 evolves when playing down to the deepest notes in the single digit range. This opens up a new world in lowest bass reproduction. Any comparison will illustrate the sovereignty of its infrasonic bass capabilities.

Displacing an incredible volume of 16.6 liters or half a cubic foot, the SMSG32 pushes as much air per maximum stroke as fifteen standard 18" subwoofers. The SMSG32 allows not only to reproduce lower frequencies, but also a much faster group delay at the same frequencies than the commonly used 18”, 15” and 12" subwoofers in todays home theater and commercial cinema configurations.

The performance of the SMSG32 is unparalleled. Its state-of-the-art DSP control allows to perfectly align it to any existing setup by adjusting crossover, phase and ampliture pesponse. This infrasub complements both state-of-the-art cinemas or home theater setups to extend LFE channel reproduction or benefits the best high-end speakers. It dramatically improves the overall performance of all speaker systems.

SMSG32 - more depth, image, structure, resolution, volume, dynamics equals more fun.

Specifications (selection)

Speaker type

Custom-built 32“ woofer, 16cm voice coil, 90mm linear excursion (world record), with AIA Speaker Management technology




120dB Cont. / 122dB Peak (@25Hz)

Frequency range

7Hz to 50Hz



Width x Height x Depth

950 x 1200 x 550mm