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Welcome to ASCENDO IMMERSIVE AUDIO (AIA) your home theater company

AIA is mirroring the virtual audio reality into your living room, man cave or home theater. The spatial imaging, speech intelligibility, fine detail reproduction, and dynamics are breathtaking and leave you with a highly involving emotional experience.

Whether you intend to build a small 5.1 home theater or a large immersive Dolby Atmos® or even a DCI digital cinema system, AIA offers the perfect solution with DSP room correction and a range of high-performance passive and active loudspeakers and subwoofers.

Family rooms, Yachts, Karaoke, Game rooms or multipurpose rooms are perfectly suited to take advantage of the neutral and precise characteristics of AIA speakers.

The last frontier in ultimate audio reproduction in home theaters is the lowest octaves below 20Hz, by definition "infrasonic." AIA offers an exciting category of infrasonic subwoofers that reproduce in-room frequencies down to 1Hz. Modern movies contain a lot of infrasonic LFE content well below the audible threshold simply left unheard or unfelt by other systems.

We speak legacy analog, AES3 or modern network audio transport protocols like AVB (Audio-Video Bridging), Dante®, AES67 and in the future even MILAN.

We like to present in the following link an AIA demo home theater, the MY-SOUND reference cinema in Starnberg Germany: The system comprises of a full  Dolby Atmos 13.7.6 and Auro 3D 13.7 setup equipped with 3x CCRM12-MKII as L/C/R, 20x CCRM6 as surrounds and Top speakers, 4x SMSG15 WL, 2 x SMS18 as subwoofer and 1x SMSG32 as an infrasonic sub. AIA manual room correction and Trinnov Altitude 32 calibrated, this all the way digital home-theater represents the culmination of what is technically possible today.


ASCENDO Immersive Audio develops, designs and manufactures state-of-the-art home theater and subwoofer systems for private home theaters and commercial cinemas. The leading German think tank AIA constantly works on new ways to improve the spatial rendering quality of sound reproduction for immersive sound systems looking at all details in a holistic approach. Many improved details such as reducing the negative effect of long speaker cables, keeping the signal in the digital realm, or using time aligned point source speakers have an impact on the final result. Ascendo cooperates with and supports several academic research institutes such as the local University of Ansbach KOSI (Kompetenzzentrum Sound und Interaktion).

Challenge us or your local AIA home theater specialist.

Active or passive speakers surround sound or 3D immersive audio, your possibilities to choose from are almost unlimited. All our loudspeakers are designed to possess similar timbre and dynamic characteristics, so they can be combined in hybrid system designs. From the gigantic subwoofer with digital signal processing and 6000 watts of amplifier power to high-end powered monitors incorporating groundbreaking technology like room correction to passive entry-level models. AIA makes your boldest home-theater project dreams come true.

Why should you consider buying dedicated home theater loudspeakers from AIA? Most customers don’t realize, that regular HiFi speakers are unsuitable in any case to reproduce the dynamics needed for the reference level. It is a very challenging task for a normal speaker because of low sensitivity and average power handling. Even at maximum rated power - considering the amplifier is strong enough - most speakers don’t reach 105dB in a small room at listening positions. However, even if they do, they will distort with well over 10% distortion, which one can hear actually, it will even destroy the speaker eventually. AIA speakers have a very high sensitivity and power handling, to easily reproduce reference level even with headroom, that one can enjoy undistorted dynamics common in today's movies and series, with AIA speakers.