No Limits

the world’s most advanced high-end amplifier!

Highest musicality, enormous dynamics, finest detail resolution and sovereignty, paired with authentic spatial imaging characterize the outstanding sonic properties of D.N.A.1000.2 and D.N.A.1000.2 HE.


An integral part of our ACTIVE cinema systems - but equally superb as highest-quality power amplifier for sophisticated passive cinema speakers. DSP controlled input and output channels enable a comprehensive and immediately perceptible optimization of the entire loudspeaker-room system.

Every listening session becomes an emotional experience like you were living it up on action.

The performance features

  • latest digital amplifier electronics with advanced DSP architecture (2 x 500 W stereo, 2 x 500 W bi-amping or 1 x 1000 W mono)
  • central network-attached real-time control of all systems 
  • 3-port Fast Ethernet Switch and two analogue XLR inputs
  • highly efficient real-time room-correction
  • speaker optimization using crossover function
  • perfect sound adjustment - 100 individual sound settings storable
  • very easy self-explanatory central operation of all amplifiers via web-browser. (only amplifiers in mono mode)