3D sound
perfectly staged

ASCENDO loudspeakers stands for high neutrality, true-to-detail precision, and nearly limitless dynamics.


Their superior time – coherent high performance coax point source drivers enable clear and articulate speech intelligibility for any program material, an enormously high undistorted maximum level (reference level), as well as a very wide coverage angles for perfect direct to reflected sound fields.

The sophisticated ASCENDO Speaker Management technology empowers the class leading transient response of the ASCENDO high-performance drivers. The extremely precise impulse response of the Coaxial drivers enables immediate and exact conversion of electrical signals into sound. The result of this combined technology is: The acoustic experience becomes real and emotionally evolving.

All performance data of our loudspeakers have been determined by an independent professional test laboratory using state-of-the-art measurement technology.

The performance features

  • absolute signal fidelity and breath taking realistic cinematic experiences through the AIA Speaker Management technology
  • time-coherent coaxial drivers with the lowest distortion for high neutrality, true-to-detail precision and limitless dynamic
  • ASCENDO speaker drivers feature no shortcuts in design of our motor and cone technology featuring high tech materials such as Beryllium
  • clear and articulated speech intelligibility with any program material
  • state-of-the-art digital amplifier electronics with up to 1.900 watts of stable power output and very low power consumption
  • extreme dynamic range and extremely high maximum volume level (Reference Level)
  • shallow design for flexible user-friendly inwall or on-wall mounting
  • central networked real-time control of all systems
  • Dante and AES67 (optional)
  • individual room correction of each active - speaker unit
  • wide range of active and passive loudspeakers suitable for all room sizes and almost any budget.

Passive Monitors

Beryllium Passive Monitors

Active Monitors

Beryllium Active Monitors