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ASCENDO subwoofers stands for for extremely fast, controlled and abyssal bass response.


ASCENDO offers the lowest distortion bass to reproduce the finest details with the highest dynamic range to meet the content transients without compression.

The sophisticated ASCENDO Speaker Management technology empowers the class leading transient response of the ASCENDO high-performance drivers. The extremely precise impulse response of the Sub Drivers enables immediate and exact conversion of electrical signals into sound. The result of this combined technology is: The acoustic experience becomes real and emotionally evolving.

Infrasonic subwoofers:

Infrasonic bass is an essential part of any high-performance theatre. It pressurizes the room and evokes the physical response that is intended by more movie soundtracks than you might think.

True infrasonic subs are extremely hard to engineer and work in tandem with other subs in the theatre to do their part, extending bass into the single Hz digits. When calibrated correctly (timing, phase, level, etc.) with the rest of the theatre channels, the result of including ASCENDO infrasonic bass is an engaging, completely immersive experience one doesn't forget.

All performance data of our loudspeakers have been determined by an independent professional test laboratory using state-of-the-art measurement technology.


  • Non-PRO: Designed with the utmost in value engineering in mind. These models won’t achieve the same performance level of the PRO counterpart (if offered), but incredibly impressive performance for their price points, and especially in comparison with market alternatives.
  • PRO: Behind the similarity in driver size to the non-PRO counterpart, every aspect of a PRO model is different. This includes the woofer and tweeter drivers themselves. In addition, their motor designs and materials used throughout are computer simulation optimized for superior performance. Within the PRO PASSIVE models, the filter networks feature the highest-grade OFC copper air core or flat wound coils and high voltage audio film capacitors, some even silver. Even the enclosure designs and their internal damping materials are optimized for superior performance. All of these design and premium material advantages cost additional money which combined deliver superior performance beyond the reach of our non-PRO models and many alternatives in the market at even significant higher price points.


Use of Trinnov’s WaveForming technology determines not only the number of subwoofers on both the front and rear walls, but their precise locations on each wall, as well. Taking into consideration the locations of the front wall screen channel loudspeakers and the rear wall loudspeakers, the size and shape of the subwoofer cabinets is critical to ensure both location flexibility and realized performance. ASCENDO offers subwoofer models labeled for WaveForming below, and will also continue development of additional models to deliver the subwoofer performance we are known for, while meeting these specific application requirements.

The performance features

  • absolute signal fidelity and breath taking realistic cinematic experiences through the AIA Speaker Management technology
  • custom-built high-performance high-tech woofers for extremely fast, controlled and abyssal bass response
  • extremely low distortion to reproduce the finest details with the highest dynamic range to meet the content transients without compression
  • infrasonic subwoofers, that transmit even frequencies in the single-digit Hz range with high resolution
  • ASCENDO speaker drivers feature no shortcuts in design of our motor and cone technology
  • state-of-the-art digital amplifier electronics with up to 9.000 watts of stable power output and very low power consumption
  • extreme dynamic range and extremely high maximum volume level (Reference Level)
  • central networked real-time control of all systems
  • Dante and AES67 (optional)
  • individual room correction of each active - subwoofer unit
  • wide range of active and passive subwoofers suitable for all room sizes and almost any budget.

Passive Subwoofers

Infrasonic Passive Subwoofers


Infrasonic Active Subwoofers