Passive high-end
Immersive Audio monitor





State-of-the-art cinema monitor –
reference at its best.

The CCRM12-P easliy outshines even the best monitor speakers available on the market. Our largest passive cinema monitor lets signal impulses veritably explode by at the same time drawingsuch fine detail and subtle nuances into the sonic image, that not a single information gets lost along the way. This is time-coherent rendering of all acoustic events at the highest level. An efficiency of 99 dB makes it dead simple to obtain a sound pressure level of a constant 123 dB. Its extremely high efficiency of 99 dB makes it reach extreme volume levels and obtain an impressive cinema sound even with low amplifier power.

The combination of 12-inch mid-woofer and the exclusive, centrally arranged compression tweeter allows for a time-coherent and phase-accurate cinema loudspeaker a cut above the best. The highly solid enclosure, elaborately conceived in the light of over 20 years of speaker design experience, ensures extraordinary stable conditions to make parasitic vibrations a thing of the past.

Combined with our Reference subwoofers you will experience unprecedented spheres of sound.

CCRM12-P – Impressive sound with very low amplifier power

Specifications (selection)

Speaker type

Time-coherent 12“ Coax One Point Source




123dB Cont. / 126dB Peak

Frequency range

65Hz to 20kHz (-3 dB)


99dB / 1W

Power rating / Impedance

600W / 8 Ω

Width x Height x Depth

444 x 668 x 200mm


21,5 kg

All speakers are supplied with a front grille as standard