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The 6 Passive Wedge 30’s design objective was to offer a compact and shallow pre-angled speaker that can be installed in multiple locations where angling the speakers is mandatory. Such locations include but are not limited to front wide, Atmos and DTS top front and rear, front or rear high surrounds, side surrounds etc. 

It is a very compact two-way passive loudspeaker system which utilizes a 6.5” time coherent Coaxial Point Source driver featuring a soft dome tweeter. This driver design is perfect for wide angle axi-symmetric radiation to cover a large listening area. 

Its 30-degree pre-angle meets the requirements of most 3D home theater builds according to current CEDIA, Dolby and DTS specs. The very flexible speaker mounting and orientation options ensure best possible localization, immersion, and tonal balance at the main listening position while minimizing localization shifts for side seats.

The 6 Passive Wedge 30 is an enormously dynamic and powerful speaker, despite the 30-degree angle only a record-breaking 155 mm (6.1 in) deep with a very compact width and height. 

Considering the space occupied, its high efficiency of 93dB at 1W/1m and high-power handling allows it to reach reference volume levels and obtain an impressive cinema sound experience even with low amplifier power. 

Specifications (selection)

Speaker type

Axi-Symmetric 6,5“ Coaxial Point-Source




113dB Cont. / 117dB Peak

Frequency range

80Hz to 20kHz

Power Handling

200W / 300W Peak

Width x Height x Depth

240 x 155 x 255mm or 240 x 255 x 155mm 
9,44 x 6,10 x 10,04 (in) or 9,44 x 10,04 x 6,1 (in)


4.5 kg

All speakers are supplied with a front grille as standard