An 80-inch subwoofer, seriously? With The 80 SUB, the Ascendo engineering team introduces THE masterpiece for subwoofer design worldwide, unmatched by any other subwoofer product to date. Based on our previous experience with our 50” infrasonic subwoofer, introduced in 2017, we explore again uncharted territory in dimension and performance when it comes to reproducing the deepest frequencies. We had to overcome many mechanical, magnetic, and electrical challenges to produce this engineering statement.

THE 80 is hands down the most powerful and precise cinema subwoofer in the world. Its incredible speed, definition, and authority, paired with its ability to clearly differentiate frequencies in the single-digit frequency range is mind-blowing. (Yes, speed.)

With an ultra-low resonance frequency, combined with a 21” voice coil motor design and critically damped enclosure concept, this mega subwoofer delivers an extremely fast impulse response and class-leading low group delay compared to any subwoofer on the market. It is mind-bending to experience the ease with which THE 80 is able to reproduce the lowest frequencies, literally down to 1 Hz.

THE 80 redefines efficiency in low-bass reproduction. With its extremely high speed and low-frequency resolution, it enriches all state-of-the-art home theaters, or any music reproduction system for that matter, and shifts their low-frequency performance to an unprecedented new level.

THE 80 is delivered with an Ascendo 10000-Watt AES67 DSP/Amplifier. We consider the enclosure for THE 80 a Custom Spec, meaning that its enclosure dimensions are defined in consultation with the Ascendo dealer in understanding the installation requirements. The enclosure is then built locally by the dealer or their contractor. As an option, Ascendo can instead construct the defined enclosure and ship the entire subwoofer assembled.

THE 80 SUB PRO PASSIVE INFRASONIC SEALED - At the forefront of authentic infrasonic subwoofer technology, and an essential foundation of performance and experience in any world-class home theater.


Speaker type

Custom-built 80" woofer with dual 21" voice coil 


35 mm excursion each direction, voice coil remaining in homogeneous magnetic field, linear and lowest distortion

Passive | Active

Passive, rack mount 2 x 10.000 Watt AES67 DSP/Amplifier included




Calculated data example, custom enclosure dependent
145 dB cont. / 148 dB peak
138 dB @20 Hz
114 dB @5 Hz

Frequency Range

Calculated data example, custom enclosure dependent 
1Hz - 100Hz 


105 dB / 1W/m

Power handling

20.000 W


Dual Voice Coil,  4 Ω each

Air volume displacement

172 L / in comparison 21" standard cinema subwoofer 1,76 L


Complete custom design of enclosure for desired installation, for dealer/contractor build locally, minimum 10 m³

Weight 80" Woofer

573 lbs | 260 kg


Technical modifications subject to change without further notice