Active high-performance
Immersive Audio monitor





Integrated digital amplification -
convincing all along the line

The CCRM6 is the active proof that excellence can still be improved. The outstanding qualities of its passive counterpart CCRM6-P lifts the active version onto a superordinate acoustic level - even higher sound pressure, even greater dynamics and even better detail. The spatial imaging is stupendous. Cinema and music - perfectly staged.

Equipped with a two-way coax driver optimized for in and on-wall mounting, and featuring a 165 mm mid-woofer and a centrically arranged 25 mm soft-dome tweeter, powered by a digital 650 W amplifier, the CCRM6 moreover convinces with best integratability thanks to its DSP-based control unit - AVB compatibility and smartphone controllability included.

Due to its sublime sound quality, it stands out as a front speaker, but it is also applicable as a high-performance surround and ceiling speaker because of its particular flat enclosure and perfect symmetrical sound dissipation.

CCRM 6 - Enjoyment and performance in small size

Specifications (selection)

Speaker type

Time-coherent 6,5“ Coax One-Point-Source with AIA Speaker Management technology




115dB Cont. / 120dB Peak

Frequency range

80Hz to 20kHz


500W + 150W (650W)

Width x Height x Depth

410 x 610 x 100mm