The design objective for this model was to offer a pre-angled version of The12 PRO ACTIVE EXT that can be installed in multiple locations where angling the speakers is mandatory. Such locations include but are not limited to front wide, Atmos and DTS top front and rear, front or rear high surrounds, side surrounds etc.

The driver design is perfect for wide angle axi-symmetric radiation to cover a large listening area, with its 30-degree pre-angle meeting the requirements of most 3D home theater builds according to current CEDIA, Dolby and DTS specs.

The very flexible speaker mounting and orientation options ensure best possible localization, immersion, and tonal balance at the main listening position while minimizing localization shifts for side seats.

The12 PRO ACTIVE EXT WEDGE is an enormously dynamic and powerful speaker. Its high efficiency and high-power handling allow it to reach reference volume levels and obtain an impressive cinema sound experience even with low amplifier power.


Speaker type

Time coherent  12"  point-Source with AIA Speaker Management Technology

Enclosure type


Passive / Active

Active, 2Ch DSP + 2Ch Amplifier are required 

Recommended Amplifiers

low-mid 85 Vrms, 120 Vpk, 10,6 A; high 44 Vrms, 62Vpk, 5,5 A; equivalent to LF 900W@8Ω, HF 240W@ 8Ω

Recommended ASCENDO Amplifiers


Cont./peak output

127 dB cont. / 130 dB peak

Frequency Range

65 Hz to 21 kHz


12", 300mm


1.4" (Throat) compression driver 

Directivity Horizontal x Vertical in Deg°

85° x 85°

Input Terrminal 

Neutrik Speakon


Innenverstrebtes Birkensperrholz


19,69" / 500 mm Horizontal


17,72" / 450 mm Horizontal

Depth With Plug

7,11-11,74" / 180,61 - 228,17 mm, Angle 15°

Depth grill

 0,39" / 10 mm


46,96 lbs / 21,3 kg


Structural paint black

Custom colour options

Genuine piano lacquer (12 layers): matt lacquer: colour of choice, other finishes upon request

Shape customization

Possible, upon request


4 x  wall brackets for horizontal and vertical installation,  VESA 200 mounting option