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Introducing THE6 PRO PASSIVE ON WALL Speaker
Crafted in response to the needs expressed by our discerning partners, THE6 PRO PASSIVE ON WALL Speaker represents a significant leap in performance compared to even our previous Pro model it replaces, the CCRM6-P and takes its position above the impressive and extremely popular THE6 PASSIVE. Outshining competitors in its price range, and even beyond, our latest speaker also boasts exceptional features not easily found in compact, high-performance alternatives.
Our commitment to improvement is evident in the subtle enhancements made to The6 PRO PASSIVE ON WALL .We raised the sensitivity by over 1 decibel, ensuring an even more immersive audio experience. The midrange clarity, already exemplary with a paper pulp mix, has been elevated to unparalleled levels through the use of a cutting-edge graphene carbon non-woven material. This material boasts an optimal damping-to-stiffness ratio, providing an open and transparent midrange that sets this new model apart.
To enhance structural integrity and minimize distortion, we incorporated an upgraded frame and suspension. The soft dome tweeter, a hallmark of our design, has been refined for superior linearity. The enclosure, loved by our partners, remains unchanged in dimensions but has been reinvented with an aluminum wood sandwich design, maximizing stiffness and damping characteristics. This innovation results in improved linearity, as out-of-phase resonances are significantly reduced across all structures.
For audiophiles seeking the pinnacle of performance, we've integrated switchable filters that further linearize the speaker. These filters can be easily disabled when using advanced auto calibration systems like Trinnov Optimizer or Dirac Live, ensuring optimal efficiency.
THE6 PRO PASSIVE ON WALL spares no expense in its construction, utilizing top-tier filter components and wire elements, including silver capacitors and large-size air core inductors in the signal path. Meticulous attention has been given to minimizing internal enclosure resonance through innovative design and highly efficient damping materials.
Experience unparalleled performance in a compact form with the THE6 PRO PASSIVE ON WALL Speaker – where size meets resolution in an extraordinary audio journey.


Speaker type

6.5" Time coherent point-source coaxial



Passive | Active



Calculated data
112 dB cont. / 122 dB peak

Frequency range

Calculated data
100 Hz - 20 kHz / -3dB


94 dB  / 1W/m

Power Handling

200 W 

Nominal Impedance 

8 Ω 


6.5" woofer cone from graphene carbon non woven mix


1" soft dome tweeter with presence EQ switch 0dB +3dB

Directivity horizontal x vertical in Deg°

85° x 85° 

Input terminal

One 4-conductor Phoenix 12 AWG (3,3 mm²) push on binding post


Aluminum MDF damped sandwich


10,49 ± 0,08 " | 266,5 ± 2,0 mm


17,58 ± 0,08 " | 446,5 ± 2,0 mm

Depth (without grille)

3,94 ± 0,08 " | 100 ± 2,0 mm


16,53 lbs | 7,5 kg


Brushed aluminum black anodized


4 x wall mount brackets for horizontal and vertical installation + VESA 100 x 200 mounting points + 4 though holes for direct wall or ceiling mounting

The THE6 PRO PASSIVE ON WALLl is supplied with a front cover as standard    
Technical modifications subject to change without further notice | Technische Änderungen vorbehalten