Flexibility and performance
to the max

The THE12 SUB PRO ACTIVE VENTED with its slim design covers a wide range of applications, specially due to its lateral bass reflex opening, which makes it the ideal choice for a positioning behind the screen. Low-frequency music and bass effects thus are directly bound into the sonic image.

Its remakable efficiency of 90 dB and its extended bandwidth down to 25 Hz allow for an enormous bass impact by at the same time low amplifier power. Achievable sound pressure levels of a constant 120 dB let the performance live up with the greatest of ease, leaving any restrictive limitations behind.

THE12 SUB PRO AV – Experience your cinema on an absolute reference level.

Technische Daten (Auswahl)

Speaker type

Custom-built 12“ woofer




118dB Cont. / 120dB Peak

Frequency range

25Hz to 200Hz (-3 dB)


90dB / 1W

Power rating / Impedance

750W / 8 Ω

Width x Height x Depth

500 x 800 x 260mm



All speakers are supplied with a front grille as standard