Fidelity 40 / ASCENDO Immersive Audio

... .. and why it's all so much fun.

SMSG50 infrasonic 50" subwoofer

In the midst of the not-so-club-like ASCENDO listening room, the auditor gets a feeling that he might otherwise only get in a club like the "Tresor" in Berlin. The bass impulses massage not only the belly, but the entire body, while the hormone release reaches new peaks and the music is perceived in a somewhat holistic way, as it would be impossible to achieve with the aforementioned “tiny” consumer speakers.

At least as impressive as the spectacular performance of the flagship woofers are the consistency and the profound background knowledge that the people In Ansbach bring to their work ...

The fact that one could eat from the floor of the ASCENDO workshop – given of course the case the 50-inch subwoofer doesn’t shake or pound the cake from your plate – fits the meaningful image of a high-tech forge, which one would more likely expect to be located in Japan rather than in the contemplative South-German town of Ansbach.