Heimkino Heft 4/5

This definitely is the reference for immersive theater systems. We try to describe what we have witnessed live on site.

With many film sequences from "Oblivion," "Into the Storm," "The Dark Knight," "Lone Survivor," "Fury," "Rush," various concert recordings and the flamboyant musical film "Burlesque", the cinema let us immerge into the scenery with absolutely excellent sound. We have already seen and also heard a lot of cinemas, but yet none of them could maintain the performance of the AIA demo cinema. What we heard here is so unique, that it's hard to capture in words. The system plays extremely direct, with a mad jaw-dropping precision and timing. Little by little the listener becomes aware which qualities this cinema is able to disclose. Everything

seems so natural, that one thinks that it has to be just like that. One could hear no boom, no hum, no resonances or artificial sound effects. The spatial imaging is terrific. Everything seemed very plastic, corporeal and authentic. The bass goes down incredibly deep and inspires by its utmost accuracy. The coaxial loudspeaker systems effortlessly keep up with the bass and offer excellent speech intelligibility and balance. Neutral they are, but never sober. Analytical but never dissecting. They play like the best Hi-Fi speakers, but doing that naturally even at the highest volume levels.

Who is able to, should visit the AIA demo and research cinema premises in Ansbach and get a live demonstration of this splendid system! The complexity and expense are immense. This system will therefore remain out of reach for many. However, that is the way a cinema must sound - this is definitely the reference for immersive theater systems.